Her half-dried hair messily falls across her face, blocking his view of her features

Her half-dried hair messily falls across her face, blocking his view of her features

“I-uh” She doesnt even know what to say, because she hasnt spoken to anyone in so long. The closest thing to a conversation shed ever had was when she would yell at the screen at the cinema, or try to understand what bling on about.

She becomes embarrassed at the sound of her voice, imagining how unappealing it must sound. She doesnt want to embarrass herself in front of someone so attractive, so she shyly www.yourloansllc.com/installment-loans-me shuts her mouth, tucking her hair behind her ear as she waits for him to speak again.

He stares at the girl who saved his life, happy that hes still fucking alive

“Where am I?” He asks her, looking around to see nothing but the ocean in the distance. He still stares expectantly, as she looks like she wants to say something but ends up closing her mouth.

She decides green may be her favorite color, from now on

“You…fell” She manages to squeak out. He nods, remembering that part of his stupid misfortune. He wants to press on, but doesnt want to press her into questioning.

“Did you save me?” He asks her taking a small tip of her long hair into his fingers and fidgeting with it as he awaits a response. He watches as the hair shuffles from her nod and smiles, admiring her kindness. It had been a while since anyone had done anything for Harry, and he finds it heroic that some girl managed to jump into the ocean and rescue him. He doesnt remember any of his own friends attempting to save him, even.

“Are you friends with Noelle? I mean, I guess that would be the only other reason for you to swim after me.” He tries to spark up conversation. And although speaking of Noelle is painful, he figures they have some sort of relationship to solidify the reasoning of who she actually is. She pulls her eyebrows towards her forehead, signifying confusion before whispering a hoarse, “Whos that?”

“Noelle? The girl who hosted the party on the boat last night. You jumped after me when I fell, right?” he asks her, a smile painted on his face.

“Well then how did you know I fell?” he asks her expectantly. She hesitates, pondering her response in her head before licking her lips and finally answering.

She nods, cutting herself off with words, “Well, technically its underneath here.” She tells hm. Hes even more confused, because all he sees is water. He wonders if shes some marine biologist and she lives in some submarine tank under the sea.

They sit for a while in tense silence, Harry wondering who the hell she is and why the hell she saved him. She spends her time looking at the color of his eyes, wanting to add the same green color to every piece of clothing sfe owns.

“My parents are probably worried as fuck.” He states. Y/N widens her eyes, quickly moving to cover his mouth with her small hand. He widens his eyes at her actions.

“You shouldnt say words like that.” She remembers a movie she watched once, where an elderly woman clearly scolded a boy for using the word, saying it was rude and demeaning. She wasnt really used to the human way of life, the closest thing she knew to human conversations were the annoying boys who did nothing but eat at the same barbecue place at the dock every morning, speaking far too loudly and probably waking Marge up, as shed complained to Y/N a couple of times about them.