What your relationship status is, what you are looking to do on this site, and something about you

What your relationship status is, what you are looking to do on this site, and something about you

Literature Text

This review is 100% unbiased! This review is based on what I have seen, and experiences from the Start of . This is also a review based on the website viewed from a computer, not by phone/tablet.

If you haven’t heard about the over 30,000 plus people who have joined Feabie; you’re not alone. Feabie is a site with multiple factors of existenceing from the owners who ran a gay men feedism site (Groverr), they decided to open up their doors to everyone, and combine the elements of feedism, body equality, and chubby chasers/ fat admirers/female fat admirers of any gender to join the site.

I’ll be weighing (pun not intended) the pros and cons of each section and giving a final score based off of a final explanation of each section. All grading for the site will be at the end ranked in an A-F grading system. Here we go!

Feabie definitely was created to be the merger of Facebook and Twitter, in the feedism/ body equality community (or the older brother to another site called Fantasy Feeder; depends on who you ask), but does it become the holy grail for this community?

Deviation Actions

  • Profile’s are much more organized than Facebook’s in which things are separated by sections.

You have your opening page where you can put if you are a Chubby Chaser/ Fat Admirer/Female Fat Admirer/Feeder/Feedee/BBW/BHM. What your gender is, and yes Transgender is included. I have seen opening sections be quite long in text so it doesn’t appear to have any text blockage.

The next section you have is your, “About Me,” section which is a bit clunky to be honest. There is a characteristic cap, but you won’t find out until you can’t write anything else in specific question blocks. A few examples are, your favorite movies/tv’s/music/books, and then your kind of date/soul mate/ favorite feeder/feedee moment, etc. You do not have to answer anything you don’t want to, and those questions won’t show up on your page!

The next section is what type of people, body wise, are you into. Are you into assess, bellies, or arms? You can select this information when you join the site for the first time as your profile will be given to you to work on before you even fully join; you can opt out of filling it out until later. Also if you have a kink that is outside of feedism, you have the option of selecting pre-made choices for you.

Lastly, for the gainer in mind, is the Weight History line graph, which looks accurate. You can post what weight you’re up to and even write a comment about the new milestone. Even if you do the dreaded word on there, DIET, you can still post your weight and the graph will follow your progression.

Note , it is not advised to talk about weight loss or dieting unless you can handle some sort of backlash. If you go to the gym to work out, male or female, you may get attacked. This occurred during the first week I was on the site and it became a hot issue all day between everyone. There are a small number of people who will encourage you on what you want to do with your life, but do note the drama is real on this site.

There is also a BMI function next to your profile picture, which I have seen, is https://www.hookupdate.net/cs/hitwe-recenze 100% accurate. The site says all the weight stuff is in beta, but looks like it’s ready to go. I should know I have a BMI of 20 and after I typed up my weight, the site was 100% accurate to this.